Top 10 ‘Riverdale’ Dads, Ranked

Top 10 ‘Riverdale’ Dads, Ranked

Riverdale, the dark, dramatic TV adaptation of the iconic Archie Comics, has been enthralling fans since 2017.

Murder, deception, affairs, family feuds, serial killers, organised crime—Riverdale has every ingredient you can think of to create a gripping storyline full of twists and turns.

Top 10 Riverdale Dads, Ranked
Riverdale | Source: Amazon

The fifth season of the show has recently premiered, and over the years, Riverdale has featured a ton of dads in its storyline. Being set in a small town, we usually tend to see entire families involved in the plot, which means that every teen has parents who are up to their own hijinks.

So who are these dads and which of them are the hot favorites among Riverdale fans? Let’s take a look.

10. Pop Tate

Although Pop Tate (portrayed by Alvin Sanders) isn’t shown to be an actual dad, he plays a father figure of sorts to all the younger residents of Riverdale.

Top 10 Riverdale Dads, Ranked
Pop Tate | Source: Fandom

Pop has been running the Chock’lit Shoppe ever since he was in high school after he had to abandon his studies and take over the diner due to his father’s death. He is a kind person who is well-loved by all his customers.

The Tate family had owned the diner for over 80 years before it was secretly bought out by Lodge Industries. However, its ownership was transferred from Hiram Lodge to his daughter Veronica, who returned it to Pop.

9. Myles McCoy

Myles (portrayed by Reese Alexander) is a professional jazz musician who appears as a guest character on the show as he is not a resident of Riverdale. He is the father of Josie McCoy, frontwoman of the band Josie and the Pussycats.
Myles McCoy | Source: Fandom

Myles wants to nurture Josie’s musical career, but unfortunately, they end up getting estranged due to his forceful and cold nature, which puts Josie off. This nature of his can be attributed as the reason behind his lack of popularity.

8. Principal Weatherbee

Principal Weatherbee (portrayed by Peter Bryant) may not be an actual dad but he serves as a father figure of sorts by being the principal of Riverdale High School.

Top 10 Riverdale Dads, Ranked
Waldo Weatherbee | Source: Fandom

Not much has been revealed of his personality, but he is largely shown to be calm and composed unless provoked. One such provocation comes in the finale of season 2. He gets extremely outraged and puts an end to the fight between the Bull Dogs, who are led by Archie, and the Serpents, who are led by Sweet Pea during the riot.

He is shown to be level-headed, straightforward, frank with his students, and always tries to help them as much as he can.

7. Edgar Evernever

Edgar Evernever (portrayed by Chad Michael Murray), was the leader of the cult called The Farm. A loving father to Evelyn Evernever at first glance, it later turned out that he was hiding a dark, dangerous secret.

Top 10 Riverdale Dads, Ranked
Edgar Evernever | Source: Fandom

It turned out that Evelyn was actually his wife, and was pretending to be a teenager in order to recruit students from Riverdale High School to The Farm. Functioning under the guise of emotional healing, they were actually a criminal organization that stole organs and sold them on the black market.

However, before all of this came to light, Edgar proved to be an extremely charismatic character—perhaps the most essential quality in a cult leader.

Edgar’s storyline on the show ended with Alice Smith shooting him dead.

6. Clifford Blossom

Clifford “Cliff” Blossom (portrayed by Barclay Hope) was Penelope Blossom’s husband, and father to Cheryl and Jason Blossom.

Cliff is shown to have an extremely dark side. He ran a family maple syrup business, Blossom Maple Farms, which was actually a front for a secret drug operation. When Jason found out about this, Cliff had no qualms about killing him to protect his secret, even though Jason was his own son. He then framed FP Jones for the murder.

Top 10 Riverdale Dads, Ranked
Clifford Blossom | Source: Fandom

He got Hiram Lodge arrested by the FBI in order to free himself from the payments that Blossom Maple Farms had been forced to make to Lodge Industries for the past 75 years.

However, Cliff’s misdeeds eventually caught up to him. The secret he went to such lengths to protect, ended up becoming public knowledge—along with the fact that he murdered his own son. He later died after his daughter Cheryl poisoned him as revenge for killing her brother.

Though he did not prove to be a very good father, he does have a fan following due to his dark, brooding appeal.

5. Hal Cooper

Harold “Hal” Cooper (portrayed by Lochlyn Munro) was a multifaceted character indeed—(former) husband to Alice Cooper, father to Betty and Polly Cooper, owner of the local newspaper, and town vigilante.

Hal Cooper

He may have come across as the ideal dad at first, but Riverdale quickly showed its viewers a dark side to Hal. He bears a deep, unyielding hatred towards the Blossom family due to a generations-old family feud, and a firm belief that Riverdale’s sinners deserve to die.

Hal was eventually revealed to be the Black Hood, which only served to enhance his appeal if you’re into dark, brooding villains with a righteous—if misplaced—sense of justice.

4. Fred Andrews

Fred Andrews (portrayed by Luke Perry), Archie’s dad, is definitely one of the best fathers on this list.

Top 10 Riverdale Dads, Ranked
Fred and Hermione | Source: Fandom

He is consistently shown to be a good father to Archie and is always there to support him no matter what. He is laid-back, non-judgemental, and provides moral support to Archie in the aftermath of his relationship with his teacher Ms. Grundy. Even though he initially wants Archie to take over the family’s construction business, he immediately gets behind Archie when he finds out that Archie wants to pursue music.

He even soundproofs the garage to create a space where Archie can practise.

Fred gets estranged from his wife, Mary, but when he realizes how much this bothers Archie, he goes out of his way to make an effort to be cordial with her.

3. Tom Keller

Father to Kevin Keller and sheriff of Riverdale, Tom Keller (portrayed by Martin Cummins) has a firm sense of justice.

Top 10 Riverdale Dads, Ranked
Tom Keller | Source: Fandom

Tom is shown to do his best to serve the town of Riverdale and its people and has a sturdy, dependable personality perfect for the sheriff’s position. He briefly steps down as sheriff after the return of the Black Hood but is reinstated by Hiram after uncovering the identity of the Auteur.

Tom is shown to be a good dad to his son Kevin and is always supportive of Kevin’s homosexuality. He is also always kind to his son’s friends, earning him a high spot on this list.

2. Hiram Lodge

Another dark personality, and this time with dashing good looks, Hiram Lodge (Mark Consuelos) certainly has something that draws you in. Husband to Hermione (who could easily make it to the top of a ‘Hottest Riverdale Moms’ list) and father to Hermosa and Veronica, he is an antagonist in the first couple of seasons.

As a child, Hiram was actually born as Jaime Luna but changed his name to escape the stigma of being a Luna. He stuck to his new name despite being beaten by his father for adopting it.

Hiram Lodge Fight with Archie

As far as an interesting résumé goes, Hiram Lodge beats all the other dads on this list hollow. Businessman, wrestling state champion, mobster, mayor, drug kingpin—you name it and Hiram’s done it!

Hiram always dotes on his daughter Veronica, pampering her with expensive gifts anytime she got upset with him. Even when the FBI arrived and arrested him for his crimes, his main concern was that Veronica is led away so she didn’t have to be present for the shameful spectacle.

Despite being in jail for fraud and embezzlement, Hiram still managed to run his business from behind bars.

1. FP Jones

FP Jones (portrayed by Skeet Ulrich) is a complicated character, to say the least.

He is a former member of the Southside Serpents, a notorious gang in south Riverdale, which he joined at age 16 after being thrown out of home by his dad. He enlisted in the army in his youth, after which he came back, re-joined the Serpents, and rose to become their leader.

Top 10 Riverdale Dads, Ranked
FP talking to Joaquin about a backup plan | Source: Fandom

Eventually, FP married Gladys Jones, a member of the Toledo Serpents, a sister gang of the Southside Serpents. Together, they had two kids, Jughead and Jellybean. However, their marriage did not last.

FP was framed by Clifford Blossom for the murder of his own son, Jason Blossom, and ended up going to jail for this. Surprisingly, after getting out of jail, he was appointed sheriff of Riverdale, a position he served for a short while.

FP later rekindled his romance with high school sweetheart Alice Smith (ex-wife to Hal Cooper, and mom to Betty and Polly). It was revealed that she’d secretly given birth to their child all those years ago, and given the baby up for adoption. Sadly, this son, Charles Smith, later turned out to be a serial killer.

FP definitely has that “bad boy” appeal, making him super popular among female fans.

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