UAE Hosts Real-Life Squid Game to Enjoy Korean Childhood Games

UAE Hosts Real-Life Squid Game to Enjoy Korean Childhood Games

Squid Game fans in the UAE had the opportunity to take part in the deadly games on October 12, courtesy of the event being organized by the Korean Cultural Center. No, don’t worry — no one was hurt!

Squid Game prodded at some really intense questions about morality and the workings of the economic class system that found global relevance. One of the elements that made this story unique is the juxtaposition of Korean childhood games (which are usually harmless) that could make or break a player’s fate.

UAE Hosts Real-Life Squid Game to Enjoy Korean Childhood Games
Red Light, Green Light | Source: IMDb

But on their own, the games are pretty fun! (Even if the words “Red light, Green light” now haunt you in your dreams).

Which is why the Korean Cultural Center in Abu Dhabi, UAE decided to host a Squid Game event where fans could experience the thrill of the show.

Fans had to apply for the game via a form testing their Squid Game knowledge with three questions. Over 400 fans applied but the exact number of participants selected has not been disclosed.

As Head of the Center Nam Chan-woo explains, the games are depicted to be more brutal in the show to maximize dramatic effect but are very common Korean games that continue to be played even today. Here’s a little look into the event:

Squid Game experience comes to life in Abu Dhabi

Fans were extremely happy with the event as the Center recreated many quintessential details of the show. (Although, I have to put a disclaimer that Gong Yoo did not show up with a suitcase offering to slap you.)

The fans played in rooms filled with decor, wallpaper, and props from the show. Some of the games you can see in the video are Dakji, Dalgona Candy, Red Light, Green Light, and of course, the Squid Game itself.

Fans who “died” in the game were made to sit the other games out and watch for the remaining event.

UAE Hosts Real-Life Squid Game to Enjoy Korean Childhood Games
Squid Game Staff | Source: IMDb

One fan commends the staff who were fully immersed in their roles, dressed in the infamous red tracksuits and masks, and being quite strict with the “contestants.”

And yes, there was a winner! French national living in UAE, Francis, may not have won a cash prize, but he certainly took home the learnings of a new culture, which he thinks is a better bargain. Can’t agree more!

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About Squid Game

Squid Game is a South Korean survival show written and directed by Hwang Dong-hyuk. The nine-episode series released on Netflix on September 17, 2021 and has become an internet sensation. 

It features an ensemble of Lee Jung-jae, Park Hae-soo, O Yeong-su, Wi Ha-joon, Ho Seong-tae, Kim Joo-ryung, Jung Ho-yeon and Anupam Tripathi. It became the first Korean show to reach No. 1 in the U.S. 

The plot revolves around 456 people deep-in-depth, playing multiple dangerous games based on children’s games in a bid to win 45.6 billion KRW. The employees wear a mask with a triangle, square and a circle, signifying the hierarchy and an ode to the ‘Squid Game’ Koreans play.

It’s acclaimed for its dark satire, violence and the class and wealth inequality showcased flawlessly.