Uncoupled: Billy and Wyatt’s Relationship Ends on a Sour Note

Uncoupled: Billy and Wyatt’s Relationship Ends on a Sour Note

While the main focus of Uncoupled is on Michael and how he pines over his partner who walked out of their 17-year-old relationship, the show does depict other shades of singlehood through its supporting characters.

One of them is the TV celebrity, Billy, who doesn’t usually date seriously or have long-term relationships. But despite his notorious reputation, he is seen getting quite cozy with college student Wyatt. Does this mean the two will end up together?

In Uncoupled Ep 8, Billy invites Wyatt as his plus-one for the Jonathans’ wedding. However, Wyatt catches him flirting with one of the waiters, leading to their split.

Throughout the show, you won’t catch Billy with a guy more than one time. It’s new day, new face in Billy’s world. This is why it was surprising to see Wyatt back on his arm.

Uncoupled: Billy and Wyatt’s Relationship Ends on a Sour Note
Wyatt | Source: IMDb

As you may recall, Wyatt was Billy’s date to Michael’s surprise 50th birthday party in Ep 1. Although made fun of for being young and still in college, Wyatt seemed mature and had good compatibility with Billy.

We don’t get much of Wyatt on the screen to really have any emotional connection with him or even root for him. But at the Jonathans’ wedding, when Billy plays along with the waiter’s flirtatious moves, even accepting his number, it’s hard not to side with Wyatt.

Even if Billy and Wyatt had not defined their relationship, it’s just plain decency to not hit on someone when you’ve brought a date as a romantic plus-one to an event.

The show does go out of its way to show how much of a player Billy is, especially when he sometimes prioritizes his new conquests over his friends—to the extent that even Stanley doesn’t trust him enough to go to the doctor’s with him.

Both these interactions in tandem really shake Billy up. While he vows to be more attentive to Stanley’s condition and even accompany him to the doctor’s, he still has to make good with Wyatt.

Uncoupled: Billy and Wyatt’s Relationship Ends on a Sour Note
Uncoupled | Source: IMDb

If there is a Season 2 in the works, it definitely has to deal with Billy’s growth arc. As charming as he is as a fun, handsome Casanova, the act may get too boring and annoying for his friends, dates, and even us, the audience.

I also don’t think this is the last we see of Wyatt. The writers created the character with a lot of intention, so he may return to push Billy’s character development forward. Who knows, he may even turn out to be “The One”!

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Uncoupled is an upcoming sitcom for Netflix starring Neil Patrick Harris. It is created and will be executively produced by Darren Star and Jeffrey Richman, alongside Harris. Joining this banner will also be MTV Entertainment Studios and Jax Media.

Harris will be playing Michael, a 40-something gay man who is recently single after getting blindsided by his partner of 17 years. Now Micheal must deal with both the heartbreak and his new love life status in New York City.