Netflix’s New Password-Sharing Policy Leaves Users Enraged

Netflix’s New Password-Sharing Policy Leaves Users Enraged

Netflix has announced and put to use a new password-sharing policy for its users. However, the new policy has left several customers dissatisfied.

The platform had already announced in December 2022 that password-sharing for the platform will not be allowed from an unannounced date in 2023. However, they continued with their previous policy until they could work out a new one.

As of now, Netflix’s Help Center has been updated with a new password-sharing policy. According to the platform’s new rules, if one wants to keep using the account on different locations, one must log into the account’s home WiFi  connection every 31 days.

This means users can still continue using one account on multiple devices, but these devices should be from the same household.

Netflix users have since then taken to social media to share their dissatisfaction about these new rules. Many have pointed out that such a policy will only harm the streaming platform in the long-run and lead to increased piracy. Others have accused Netflix of being anti-consumer.

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The main issue for most users seems to be regarding families that do not stay together for various reasons. As rightly pointed out by many users above, the new policy does not take into consideration college students staying away from home, working professionals who may need to travel, divorced families, hostel students, aged people who may live separately and others.

Netflix’s decision to change their password-sharing policy could be for several reasons. It was revealed early last year that Netflix is losing its subscribers at an alarming rate. This led the platform to limit password-sharing for one account as it will prevent people from using one account. Although the platform signed off with a pretty profitable Q4, they’re still moving forward with the policy.

Netflix’s New Password-Sharing Policy Leaves Users Enraged
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The policy was first tested out in Latin America, and the results obviously matched Netflix’s expectations. Thus, it is being implemented in other countries as well.

The platform is also going through a rough patch, after the cancellation of many shows and films midway through production. Although WB and HBO Max have also faced such backlash due to content cutting, Netflix is the first platform to implement such a strict password sharing policy.

However, Netflix’s decision could bring major changes for other fellow streaming platforms if it brings the profits the platform hopes for. If it takes care of Netflix’s financial worries, it will not be long until other platforms follow suit. But in the long-run, it will be quite harmful for consumers, as many families who do not live in the same house, may opt out of using the platform.