‘Not A Costume, It’s A Uniform’, Says John Cena In Peacemaker Trailer

‘Not A Costume, It’s A Uniform’, Says John Cena In Peacemaker Trailer

Christopher “Peacemaker” Smith, America’s favorite patriot (only in his head) is all ready for his new mission; Complete with a striped 80s car, a bald eagle, and of course, his ‘uniform’.

HBO Max released the first exclusive look of James Gunn’s first The Suicide Squad spin-off series, Peacemaker. It offers a glimpse into the characters we’ll meet (some of whom we’ve already met) and their opinions towards the metal helmet superhero.

Amanda Waller’s team sits at a cafe waiting for Peacemaker, and as soon as he arrives, taking jabs at him.

Steve Agee, Chukwudi Iwuji, Danielle Brooks, and Jennifer Holland can’t hold back their laughter and are disappointed, as a red t-shirt, white pants, metal helmet Peacemaker makes his way to the cafe.

‘Not A Costume, It’s A Uniform’, Says John Cena In Peacemaker Trailer
John Cena | Source: IMDb

Agee asks, “Did this dipshit really show up in full cosplay mode?” But Peacemaker disagrees. Others continuously insult the hero’s “costume” choice, and he corrects them, saying it’s a brand-new uniform.

He explains his uniform “strikes fear” in people’s hearts, casually, but the hero still gets bullied by the team. The outfit is just one part. His best sidekick, Eagley, becomes the butt of the jokes simply because of its name.

Check out the exclusive clip of HBO Max’s Peacemaker below:

Peacemaker | Exclusive Clip | HBO Max

We sense some bad blood boiling between the team and Peacemaker as the latter is pretty protective over his uniform.

In almost all the interview videos Cena has appeared in regarding DC or The Suicide Squad, he has never once shed his uniform for an ordinary attire, staying loyal to his superhero outfit.

For now, HBO Max has ordered eight episodes for the show. Many of them have been written and directed by James Gunn.

‘Not A Costume, It’s A Uniform’, Says John Cena In Peacemaker Trailer
The Suicide Squad | Source: IMDb

The show will pick up from the end of The Suicide Squad, where we saw Peacemaker waking up in the hospital where an employee tells him that no superhero named ‘Peacemaker’ exists.

It will explore the origins of the superhero/villain and his missions with Wallace’s team.

HBO Max stated Pacemaker will be released in January 2022.

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About Peacemaker

Peacemaker is a DC Extended Universe series that will delve into the past of the titular character, who’ll make his cinematic debut in James Gunn’s DCEU film, The Suicide Squad (2021). The character will be portrayed by John Cena, who will reprise his role in the HBO Max series.

Other cast members include Steve Agee, Danielle Brooks, Robert Patrick, Chris Conrad, and Chukwudi Iwuji among many others.

James Gunn will also helm the HBO Max series for its second season.

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