Wanda and Co. Get Ready for a Final Showdown in ‘Wandavision’ Finale

Wanda and Co. Get Ready for a Final Showdown in ‘Wandavision’ Finale

WandaVision’s season finale, which arrives this coming week, will mark the end of a wonderful journey. Entertaining audiences since its debut, the show highlighted the married life of couple Wanda and Vision and their kids. Now, in a newly released image by Disney, the family is seen teaming up possibly against a threat to save Westview.

As it was revealed in Episode 7 that neighbour Agnes is Agatha Harkness, the show’s brand new villain, the season finale could revolve around the family trying to bring down the sorceress. Along with their twins Billy and Tommy, who developed superpowers of their own, Wanda and Vision are seen ready in their fighting stances in the image.

Some keen-eyed fans also pointed out that Billy’s hands mirror Wanda’s when she uses magic. This is so, as it was revealed that Billy inherited his mother’s powers whereas Tommy developed superspeed much like Quicksilver’s.

Wanda & Co. Get Ready for a Final Showdown in WandaVision Finale?
WandaVision | Source: IMDb

The team-up, which was delayed till the last moment, couldn’t have come at a better time. It also marks the first time the family of four has been together in a while. Vision, who was seen venturing out on his own in episode 6, will be making a comeback in the last episode. Furthermore, Billy and Tommy, who Agatha captured, also seem to have escaped from her clutches, so that’s another thing to be relieved about!

The show, which, was somewhat lacking in action content by now, could finally include some fight sequences in the season finale, or so can be understood from the image. With other characters in the series also possessing superpowers, such as White Vision, Pietro and even Monica Rambeau, episode 8 will be a party of superpowers clashing as the show wraps up.

WandaVision, which was the first TV series to be premiered for Marvel’s Phase 4, kickstarted the year on a good note for fans. But, with its end, Phase 4 will move onto upcoming shows lined up. WandaVision‘s season finale will air on Disney+ on March 5, 2021.

Source: Disney