The Magic Book In WandaVision: The Darkhold Unveiled

The Magic Book In WandaVision: The Darkhold Unveiled

“WandaVision” Season Finale ended on a high with Wanda acquiring the Darkhold, which was unveiled to be the magic book from Agatha’s basement, as seen in Episode 7. But, what is this magic book, and what powers does it hold? Read on to find out its secrets.

The book which prevented Wanda’s powers and robbed her of her magic could be traced back to 2016’s “Doctor Strange.” In a scene from the movie where Stephen Strange is going through books from the Ancient One’s collection, one book seems to be missing. Many eagle-eyed fans who spotted this pointed it out and now hypothesize it could’ve been the Darkhold. 

The Magic Book in WandaVision: The Darkhold Unveiled
Darkhold | Source: Fandom

Because the books from the Ancient One’s collection were deemed too powerful and dangerous for anyone to read, it sounded a bell that one of them had gone missing from Kamar-Taj.

With the confirmation from Agatha herself that the book in her possession is indeed the Darkhold, the theories fell into place to the surprise of many. Explaining it as the “Book of the Damned,” Wanda herself names the power-brimming book the Darkhold.

However, the book’s discovery doesn’t bear too good news for the franchise due to its history. The Darkhold, which was written by Elder God Chthon, is a compilation of his evil spells to ensure his passage back to the human world. After leaving it on Earth to serve as a channel for his powers to flow, the Darkhold trickled down into the 21st century, where it ended up in Agatha’s possession.

The book, which Chthonic cultists guarded to revive their deity, could potentially wreak havoc upon the world. In the comics, the Darkhold holds horrific powers which unleash werewolves and vampires, as well.

The Magic Book in WandaVision: The Darkhold Unveiled
Book of Damned | Source: Fandom

Agatha’s remark about the Scarlet Witch and the book having some sort of connection revealed an entire chapter on Scarlet Witches in the book. This would fall in line with the comics in which Chthon passes down the Chaos Magic to Wanda to harness.

The Scarlet Witch reaching her full potential in the Season finale, which stunned Agatha, indicates that there is more to come for Wanda’s narrative.

Source: “WandaVision” Episode 9: The Series Finale

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