Westworld Season 4 Finale Recap and Predictions

Westworld Season 4 Finale Recap and Predictions

HBO’s Emmy award-winning show Westworld brings us to a full circle moment in its Season 4 finale. As Host William decides to go rogue and goes as far as to kill his own creator, Christina pieces together her true identity. The next phase of his plan is disrupted by Charlotte, brought back to life by her loyalists. In a shocking twist, the show brings us back to Dolores walking back into the original Westworld for a new beginning.

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Will there be a Season 5?

While there is no official confirmation from HBO regarding Westword’s renewal for its fifth season, actor Ed Harris mentioned in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter that they might start filming the next season in Spring 2023.

Westworld Season 4 Finale Recap and Predictions
Westworld | Source: IMDb

Westworld Season 5 Speculation

As Dolores awakens in the Sublime, she realizes the Teddy in front of her isn’t the real version of him, but something her mind made up to help her understand her reality. While Teddy was fading away from the previous world, he implores her not to bring the shortcomings of humanity into this world with her. Will Dolores manage to find him again?

Westworld Season 4 Finale Recap and Predictions
Westworld | Source: IMDb

Dolores is the last remaining sentient being in the world and decides that it’s time for “one more loop around the bend.” We are then brought back to the original Westworld. It will be interesting to see what kind of world Dolores will create this time around.

While Caleb bids a heartwarming goodbye to Frankie, it remains unclear whether he actually dies. It is also likely that we might get to see Maeve actually get a happy ending as her backup still exists somewhere out there.

What will Westworld bring for us in its final loop in case it happens? Stay tuned to find out!

Westworld Season 4 Finale Recap

The episode opens in the aftermath of the chaos unleashed by Host William after he decides to go rogue. Humans and Hosts alike are hunting each other down. Meanwhile, at the tower, Charlotte is revived by some Hosts and she gives herself some upgrades but keeps her face. She then comes across the message Bernard left for her on the tablet.

Westworld Season 4 Finale Recap and Predictions
Westworld | Source: IMDb

Host William heads over to the Hoover dam to destroy the Sublime as part of his new plan. Elsewhere, Christina and Teddy arrive at her apartment and she begins to piece together her true self. She realizes that she’s a program without a physical body.

A wounded Frankie, Caleb, and the Outliers seek refuge in a pharmacy. As the father-daughter duo has a reunion, Clementine arrives at the scene and kills Stubbs. Frankie manages to kill Clementine and the both of them then head to the docks to escape.

Charlotte kills Host William and stops him from destroying the Sublime. She then uploads Dolores’ original control unit into the Sublime and destroys her own. Dolores awakens within the Sublime.

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About Westworld

Westworld is an American science fiction-thriller media franchise that began with the 1973 film Westworld, written and directed by Michael Crichton. It was followed by the sequel film Futureworld (1976).

In 2016 a new television series based on the original film debuted on HBO; the critically acclaimed series has broadcast three seasons, with a fourth currently streaming on HBO Max.

The series follows a dystopian world within the limits of Wild-West-themed amusement parks open to the elite to enjoy and are populated with human-like androids created for their enjoyment. But things take a dangerous turn when the robots malfunction and start killing the park’s patrons.

The TV Series follows the same universe as the films and features a star cast including Evan Rachel Wood, Thandiwe Newton, Tessa Thompson, Jeffrey Wright, James Marsden, Simon Quarterman, and Aaron Paul.