Halo S1 Finale: You Can’t Beat Dr. Halsey That Easily!

Halo S1 Finale: You Can’t Beat Dr. Halsey That Easily!

Dr. Halsey’s own agenda involved getting hold of John and the Halo artifacts using the Spartans. But the combined ploy of John and Kai fighting the Silver Team and Makee activating the artifact throws her plan into jeopardy.  

Despite trying to get away, she is finally captured by the UNSC with her death sentence of Article 72 being hand delivered by none other than Miranda. But if you thought this was the end of Halsey, you were wrong.  

In the Halo S1 finale, Halsey tricks the UNSC by placing a clone of herself in custody. When the clone suffers a seizure and dies, Miranda realizes that the real Halsey has escaped. The end shows Halsey enjoying freedom on an unknown planet.  

While Halsey may have underestimated the Spartan’s power to think for themselves as well as the severity with which the UNSC would condemn her, everyone else too underestimated just how cunning Halsey is. You can always trust her to have a backup backup plan.  

Halo S1 Finale: You Can’t Beat Dr Halsey That Easily!
Dr. Hasley | Source: IMDb

So, what happens is that once John (along with Captain Keyes’ help) is able to convince Vannak and Riz of Halsey’s wrongdoings, Kai takes it upon herself to rain vengeance on her.  

Even with the impressive feat of Kai launching herself onto Halsey’s flying craft and killing Dr. Saly (I am not sorry to say goodbye to that creep), Halsey manages to escape. Lucky for us, we think, the UNSC soon catch her.  

It is a triumphant moment when Miranda walks in and reads out the UNSC’s sentence for her: Article 72 which orders executing a threat that can no longer be handled by any other means. It really makes us wonder, is this the last we will see of Dr. Halsey?  

Then when Halsey suffers a nosebleed and seizure, Miranda is quick to realize it’s all in vain—that is not Halsey, but a flash clone. The real Dr. Halsey, whose thirst for knowledge will never be quenched, is off somewhere else, as free as a bird in the sky.  

Halo S1 Finale: You Can’t Beat Dr Halsey That Easily!
Dr Miranda and Jacob Keyes | Source: IMDb

We’re still in the dark about when exactly Halsey replaced herself with a clone. Flash clones are known to survive up to a year after being created. So, it’s possible Halsey had placed the clone in UNSC custody during her initial home arrest itself.  

Since Halo is renewed for Season 2, expect Halsey to chase down the Halo artifacts once again. She is sure to do her best to solve their mystery one way or the other.  

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