What happens to Faraz’s wife, Nahid, in Tehran Season 1? 

What happens to Faraz’s wife, Nahid, in Tehran Season 1? 

Tehran Season 1 was an edgy thriller that kept us all guessing till the last moment. Even in the final minutes, there were twists, turns, and unexpected decisions, which made up for an intense experience.  

Season 1 left us with a lot of questions. What happened to Tamar and Milad? Did Faraz survive the gun wound? What happened to his wife, Nahid?  

While we could guess what would happen in Tamar, Milad, and Faraz’s case, it wasn’t so with Nahid, who was in Gorev’s custody. Season 2 answers this question but doesn’t reveal how it exactly went down.  

It turns out that Faraz’s wife, Nahid, returns to Iran and lives with Faraz. She has PTSD and constantly asks her husband to stay home instead of going to work. However, we don’t see how or why Gorev released Nahid.  

Here’s a quick recap of Nahid’s arc in Season 1. Gorev had kidnapped her because the Mossad agent, Masoud, was in his custody. He demanded Masoud’s release and wanted Faraz to help him leave the country.  

What happens to Faraz’s wife, Nahid, in Tehran season 1?
Faraz’s wife, Nahid | Source: IMDb

However, things took a dark turn when Masoud decided to disobey Gorev and stay in the country. He wanted to do so for his family, who would be left in Iran unprotected. As a result, Gorev decided to tie up a loose end by ordering a hit on Masoud and thus got him killed.  

All this while, Nahid was still in Gorev’s custody. In the show’s final moments, when Yael, Faraz, and Tamar come face to face, Faraz ends up killing Yael, and Tamar, in return, shoots him. However, the wound is not fatal, and he pleads with her to let him live.  

He tells her that although he kidnapped her father for leverage, he never killed him even when he had the chance. He seeks the same from her and tells her that his wife’s life is in her hands.  

Tamar lets him live and, along with Milad, escapes the facility. However, the mission is a failure, and as Gorev stands in disbelief and Milad and Tamar ride off into the distance, Season 1 ends.  

Season 2 picks up two months after the events of Season 1. Faraz still works as a lone wolf, trying to catch Tamar and Milad. However, we also see Nahid, who has returned home.  

The fact that she’s alive and not mercilessly killed by Gorev is a relief. However, we still don’t know how the Israeli Intelligence released her. One could presume that it was Tamar’s doing.  

By the end of S1, Tamar was still working with the Mossad, despite wanting to start a new life in Vancouver with Milad. Perhaps she would’ve gotten Gorev to release Nahid in exchange for more intel or for another mission.  

Three episodes have been released from Season 2 so far and they likely wouldn’t explore this past. So, all we know is that Nahid is now suffering from PTSD and is being taken care of by Marjan, an enigmatic character played by Glenn Close. She is a specialist who deals with patients who go through trauma and offered to help Faraz.  

However, she is also helping Milad and Tamar in their mission, so we still don’t know which side she is inclined towards. I guess we’ll find out soon enough in the upcoming episodes.  

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