This Is Us Creator Incredibly Sad Over Finale As S6 Gets Release Date

This Is Us Creator Incredibly Sad Over Finale As S6 Gets Release Date

Keep your tissue box next to you because NBC just announced the release date for the sixth and final season of This Is Us, and creator Dan Fogelman has promised an ‘incredibly sad’ finale.

This Is Us will return from its long hiatus after season 5 aired in May and premiere the final season Tuesday, January 4 at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

With 18 episodes remaining of the emotionally-wrecking family drama, Fogelman quote-tweeted the announcement, saying, “I’m very excited. I’m also incredibly sad. We’re pretty deep in and Season Six is turning me inside out.”


If you know how season 5 ended, you know a lot of questions were left unanswered, with some unexpected twists that left the fates of some of our favorite couples uncertain and a certain someone having a second wedding.

After season 5’s finale, Fogelman told PEOPLE that ‘everything will be resolved’ and all the untied ends will get their conclusions. The creator also teased that this season would be a big one for Mandy Moore’s Rebecca.


Series star Chrissy Metz previously told PEOPLE about how she feels about the series, as a long journey, coming to an end,

I’ll be sitting there about to put a scene up, and I’m like, ‘Oh, this is the last time that I might be doing this. Or the last time we’re at this location.’ I have to suppress those feelings because it might not be conducive to the scene,” she said of filming as of late.

I want to really enjoy and relish the moments that I do have as opposed to just crying through them, so it’s weird. Also, I feel like it’s a story that could go on forever, so part of my delusional mind is like, ‘Oh, it’s not really ending.’ Part of me is trying to just protect myself.

Chrissy Metz

Metz also added that the storylines will get ‘very heavy or deep.’

Ron Cephus-Jones, who plays William on the series, had previously said that the final season is going to ‘overwhelm’ fans.

The cast members, including Mandy Moore, Milo Ventimiglia, Chrissy Metz, Sterling K. Brown, Justin Hartley, Susan Kelechi Watson, and Chris Sullivan, have been mum about the ending.

While you wait for the final chapter, all five seasons of This Is Us are available to stream on Hulu/Peacock.

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About This Is Us

This Is Us is a Dan Fogelman-created American drama television series that debuted on NBC on September 20, 2016. On October 27, 2020, the fifth season will premiere. It was announced in May 2021 that the sixth season would be the series’ final.

The tv series follows the lives of three siblings, Kevin, Kate, and Randall (nicknamed the “Big Three”), along with their parents, Jack and Rebecca Pearson. It takes place primarily in the current time and employs flashbacks to illustrate their personal past.

Most episodes feature a storyline set in the present (2016–2021) and a storyline set at a particular time in the past; even so, some episodes are set in only one time period or use multiple flashback time periods. Flashbacks frequently centre on Jack and Rebecca in 1980, both before and after the birth of their children, or on the family when the Big Three are still children or adolescents (and played by two sets of younger actors).

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