Who is Stargirl S3’s villain? Uncovering Starman’s True Identity

Who is Stargirl S3’s villain? Uncovering Starman’s True Identity

Stargirl season 3 was the show’s last season and arguably even the most intense — there was so much chaos and loss of life. For 12 whole episodes, we’ve been trying to find out who the main villain of the season is, even after the return of previous villains like Icicle and Dragon King was revealed. 

So if they are not the main villains this season, then who is season 3’s ultimate villain? Did the JSA manage to unmask them?

Ultra-Humanite is Stargirl’s season 3 main villain, as revealed in Ep 13/finale. He took over Starman’s (Sylvester Pemberton) body and was the cause of the chaos in S3.

It was super shocking to see a beloved hero being the cause of so much death and destruction. So I can only imagine your reaction when Ep 12 ended with Starman burying Pat alive — a truly devastating moment. 

But don’t believe everything you see! Let me explain:  

Why did Starman turn evil in Stargirl S3?

Who is Stargirl S3’s villain? Uncovering Starman’s True Identity
Sylvester Pemberton | Source: IMDb

The original Starman did not turn evil. His body was preserved after his death, after which it was taken over by Ultra-Humanite who wanted to advance Icicle’s Better America project.  

As you may know, Starman ultimately died due to his wounds during JSA’s last battle with the ISA. However, his body was preserved by the Cosmic Staff. Icicle and Dragon King dig up this very body and attempt to reanimate it by injecting it with a chemical.

The real Starman wakes up, and the two villains have to literally strap him to a table in order to carry out Ultra-Humanite’s brain transplant. Sadly, we lost Starman for a second time and now we have Ultra-Humanite in his body. 

Who is Stargirl S3’s villain? Uncovering Starman’s True Identity
Ultra-Humanite | Source: Fandom

It is also revealed that Ultra-Humanite has joined in on Icicle’s Better American, with the promise of him serving as President Pemberton and taking over the whole country. 

Thankfully, you don’t have much to worry about hereon — Pat digs himself out in time to reveal Starman’s true identity to the JSA, who were already growing suspicious of him. A nail-biting battle ensues and trust me, you need to watch this for yourself!

Ultimately our heroes reign, especially when Courtney realizes that Ultra-Humanite actually does not have full control over the Comic Staff and she regains it from him. Ultra-Humanite’s demise comes through the hands of Pat, who knocks him down with a rock — a bittersweet and poetically justified moment. 

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