The Umbrella Academy Season 3: Viktor Comes out as Trans

The Umbrella Academy Season 3: Viktor Comes out as Trans

Season 3 of The Umbrella Academy dropped on Netflix on June 22, and it is explosive! One of the best parts about this season is the performances and the character arcs, especially that of Viktor.

Viktor is a trans man who was previously known as Vanya. He comes out as transgender in Season 3 of The Umbrella Academy.

In Season 1, Viktor, who was then known as Vanya, was the main antagonist. However, the character redeemed himself and became one of the many protagonists. Now, the on-screen coming out of Viktor is subtle yet impactful.

After Elliot Page, the actor essaying Viktor, came out to the public shortly after Season 2, fans wondered how he’d continue playing the popular character Vanya. Season 3 showcased this and won the fans’ hearts.

While in Hotel Obsidian, Viktor discovers this when Sissy had died and reflects upon their relationship. She had always seen Viktor as her safe space. She even told him how he made her realize who she truly was.

The Umbrella Academy Season 3: Viktor Comes out as Trans
Viktor in previous seasons | Source: Fandom

Viktor then internalizes this entire incident and the relationship, in order to be who he truly is. In the show, his coming out wasn’t shown as too dramatic or over the top, either.

The writers had to keep two things in mind. Since the show is character-driven, the premise around Viktor’s gender identity had to be explored in a way that it matters. However, they also had to keep in mind that his gender identity is a tiny part of the larger show and universe, quite literally, I might add, considering the world is being devoured in Season 3.

When Viktor comes out to his siblings, there is no tear-jerking emotional moment because that’s not who the characters are. Instead, they accept him with open arms, and one even says how he’s happy for Viktor.

What’s refreshing is that to write this arc, the creator and showrunner had brought in Thomas Page McBee as a guest writer. He is an author, TV writer, and creator and also happens to be trans.

Viktor Transitions from Vanya in The Umbrella Academy Season 3
Viktor | Source: Fandom

If you look at his credentials and work, you’ll find that he’s spoken extensively about gender identity, sexuality, intersectionality, masculinity, and more. So having him on board made quite a difference to Viktor’s arc, and perhaps the beauty of the portrayal can, to a great extent, be attributed to Thomas Page McBee.

If you haven’t watched Season 3, catch up on it soon. It is dark, funny, profound, and a whole lot more, all at the same time. Watch it on Netflix now!

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