Strand’s Dictatorial Tower Policies Explained In Fear TWD S7 EP7

Strand’s Dictatorial Tower Policies Explained In Fear TWD S7 EP7

Strand has an iron grip over the Tower and an almost nonsensical policy about who is let in. Fear The Walking Dead’s latest episode reveals that it’s his unease of being a leader that fuels these actions.

Strand has been really strict about who he allows into the Tower — he has stopped nothing short of killing people to preserve his newfound sanctuary since Season 6.

Besides this, multiple episodes have shown him turning down survivors with no apparent reason. It colors him to be quite unemotional, mysterious, and especially ruthless in the face of those who are seeking refuge.

Season 7 Episode 7 titled “The Portrait,” reveals that Strand is actually afraid of leading a large group of people. Larger groups lead to the possibility of divisive thought, which means Strand won’t be able to control them like he currently does.

Strand’s Dictatorial Tower Policies Explained In Fear TWD S7 EP7
Strand | Source: IMDb

This is also the reason he vets survivors and asks them a bunch of questions, to check if they fall in line with his principles.   

In the earlier seasons of Fear TWD, Strand tried really hard to walk a moralistic path. But in a world filled with zombies, threats and betrayals, Strand’s role as a leader is leading him down a different road.

If the quote, “You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain,” was personified, it would be Strand.

But will Strand’s strategy work, or will it get the better of him? As we have seen in this episode, the Stalkers are getting stronger. He has also managed to make an enemy out of Morgan.

While the Tower may be safe for now, things are not looking good for Strand.

Before I go, I have to mention that it was a happy surprise to see too Alycia Debnam-Carey’s Alicia return on-screen after her last appearance in Season 6. What a way to end the episode!

Strand’s Dictatorial Tower Policies Explained In Fear TWD S7 EP7
Alycia Debnam-Carey | Source: Fandom

Episode 8 of Fear The Walking Dead will air on December 5.

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