Michael and Colin Are Back to Square One in the Uncoupled S1 Finale

Michael and Colin Are Back to Square One in the Uncoupled S1 Finale

Neil Patrick Harris is back to grace our screens as Michael on Netflix’s new rom-com series, Uncoupled. Michael’s split with Colin, his partner of 17 years, makes up the core drama of the show.

Through the course of eight episodes, Michael meets quite a few men with whom he could start a new romantic chapter. So, even though he’s trying to move and explore other options, will he ever be back together with Michael? Or has that ship sailed?

Uncoupled opens with Colin breaking up with Michael, citing no reasons. However, in the S1 finale, he shows up in their house again, confessing that he might have made a mistake, hinting that he may want to rekindle their relationship.

Uncoupled makes for an interesting watch, not only because it sincerely portrays older queer individuals, but it also explores how age, gender, and sexual orientation can affect being single—both the highs and the lows.

It clearly hasn’t been easy for Michael to move on from Colin, despite trying both hook-ups and getting into relationships. While it has been fun seeing him fix his heart one boy per episode, it’s even better when he comes out learning something valuable.

Michael and Colin End Up Back at Square One in Uncoupled’s S1 Finale
Michael and Colin | Source: IMDb

In the finale, Michael is initially quite jittery about attending the Jonathans’ wedding. One, because he hasn’t been able to find a boyfriend or a date to show up with. Two, because he’s afraid of being compared to Colin’s supposedly hot date.

But Colin shows up alone, leading to both of them talking earnestly and finally getting comfortable in each other’s presence once again. Here is where Michael thinks that he can also start being friends with Colin.

Michael and Colin End Up Back at Square One in Uncoupled’s S1 Finale
Michael | Source: IMDb

So, it is really horrible timing that right when he starts dealing with his heartbreak in a healthy way, even forgiving Colin, is when Colin tries to walk back into his life. Part of me even thinks that it was seeing Michael get his life together that causes Colin to reconsider his decision, not his genuine feelings about his ex-partner.

As for what the future holds, Colin may be back in a larger capacity in S2, but this doesn’t mean that the two will get together. Especially because Michael has been painfully learning what it is like to be blindsided and forced to be single.

While he may have forgiven Colin and still clearly loves him, I’m not sure Michael is going to welcome him back with open arms.

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About Uncoupled

Uncoupled is an upcoming sitcom for Netflix starring Neil Patrick Harris. It is created and will be executively produced by Darren Star and Jeffrey Richman, alongside Harris. Joining this banner will also be MTV Entertainment Studios and Jax Media.

Harris will be playing Michael, a 40-something gay man who is recently single after getting blindsided by his partner of 17 years. Now Micheal must deal with both the heartbreak and his new love life status in New York City.