Moon Knight Writer Teases Thor: Love & Thunder Connection

Moon Knight Writer Teases Thor: Love & Thunder Connection

As the Egyptian Gods are about to exit the scene with Moon Knight’s finale next week, there are the other popular Marvel Gods waiting to return with a dash of love and thunder.

After making fans wait for what felt like forever, Marvel Studios finally released the first trailer for Thor: Love and Thunder, and it was a feast to dissect every bit of the clip showing the God of Thunder on a journey for inner peace and self-discovery.

Moon Knight Writer Teases Thor: Love & Thunder Connection
Jane and Thor | Source: Fandom

Although one thing that was inconspicuous was the absence of the film’s main villain, Gorr the God Butcher. So naturally, fans started to wonder whether the studio was holding out on the villain’s reveal in case he had some part in MCU’s most recent lore about Gods, Moon Knight.

As the Disney+ series focuses on Khonshu, the Egyptian God of the Moon, and revolves around all the other Egyptian gods—it wouldn’t be a surprise if Christian Bale’s Gorr, who loves to slay them so ruthlessly, makes a cameo.

So, when The Direct asked Moon Knight writer Beau DeMayo what he had to say about this connection, he stated,

“You know, I don’t know what they are doing in [Thor: Love and Thunder]. My honest answer is ‘I don’t know’… You do have to wonder. I’m really excited to see it. You know, it’s a question on my mind. I’m like curious when I see Thor, like, ‘Is there going to be something? Is there not?’ That’s kind of like—well, that’s the thing at Marvel when you’re writing for them is that they’re very, very creatively collaborative, but you are kind of in your silo, your show.”

If we are to trust the writer truly is unaware of the connection, then fans shouldn’t expect Gorr to appear any time before the post-credit scenes of the final episode next week.

However, it’s highly unlikely that Gorr gets to Khonshu, considering his avatar, Moon Knight, has just begun his MCU story. Chances are he might butcher some of the Ennead seen during the meeting of the Gods.

As Moon Knight has pretty much been an isolated story with very few references to the grander universe of the MCU, Gorr’s appearance might just connect the series to the main timeline.

In Episode 5, Taweret mentions that the Duat can manifest itself as anything one’s soul seems fit. For Marc and Steven, it was the psych hospital, but in a passing reference, Taweret mentions the Ancestral Plane… yes, the same one that T’Challa goes to in Black Panther.

Moon Knight Writer Teases Thor: Love & Thunder Connection
Moon Knight | Source: IMDb

The Ancestral Plane is similar to the Astral Plane from Doctor Strange, a state/place where a person’s soul exists outside their corpse.

If not with Gorr, the other connection Thor: Love and Thunder can make with the series is that Duat is to Egyptian mythology what Valhalla (a location rumored to feature in the film) is to Asgardian mythology.

All will be revealed next week when Moon Knight airs its season finale on Disney+ on May 4.

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