Tehran S: Tamar’s Boyfriend Milad Is on Everyone’s Hit List

Tehran S: Tamar’s Boyfriend Milad Is on Everyone’s Hit List

Following the blood trail left last season, Tehran is back with S2 where the stakes are higher than ever. If you recall, thanks to Tamar’s last-minute call, 14 out of the 15 pilots sent to destroy the Iranian reactor were saved.

Now, Tamar is offered a new deal to rescue the one pilot that was captured. Unfortunately, a new mission means that Tamar and everyone close to her are back in a precarious spot—and this includes her boyfriend Milad.

So what happens to him? Will Milad get killed in Tehran S2?

While Milad is certainly on many people’s hit list, he doesn’t get killed in Tehran S1. As of S2, Milad is still alive but is making careless moves which may make it easy for Faraz to capture and dispose of him. It is possible that he may get killed in Tehran S2.

Milad is certainly at a point where’s had enough of the revolutionary missions—his mental exhaustion has caught up with him and he’d rather make safe passage to Canada where he can start anew. He doesn’t have loyalties to either side and is only sticking with Tamar and her Mossad mission because of his feelings for her.

Tehran S: Tamar’s Boyfriend Milad is on Everyone’s Hit List
Tamar and Milad | Source: IMDb

Upon hearing about her aunt Arezoo’s death at the hands of General Qasem Mohammadi, Tamar is fueled by rage to complete her new mission.

But this might turn out to be way too risky—Faraz had already resorted to taking Tamar’s father a prisoner and has been on a feral hunt for Milad for months now. Tamar has to realize, sooner than later, that her mission can mean her loved ones getting killed.

This almost feels like Milad’s fate of dying in S2 is sealed. It’s obvious that Faraz wants to capture Milad so he can use him to blackmail Tamar and stop her mission. Once he’s done with Milad, he may pull the trigger.

But on the flip side, even the Mossad are not very thrilled with Milad being a part of their operations. Once again, he doesn’t really have loyalty to their cause and is simply playing along because of Tamar.

If he was doing it well enough, it wouldn’t be a cause of worry for the Mossad. But as we see in S2 Ep 3, Milad’s anxiety about getting the mission done and escaping for good is making him very reckless. At this point, he is a liability to Tamar’s mission and to the Mossad.

We know the organization won’t hesitate to get rid of him, even at the minor cost of tricking Tamar.

Tehran S: Tamar’s Boyfriend Milad is on Everyone’s Hit List
Tehran | Source: IMDb

With both sides wanting to get rid of Milad, it’s clear that both Tamar and Milad need to get their head in the game. If they continue to get blinded by emotions, Milad may get caught in the crossfire and end up getting killed in Tehran S2.

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