Will Wags Betray Mike Prince In Billions Season 6?

Will Wags Betray Mike Prince In Billions Season 6?

Billions season 5 finale showed Axe and Mike Prince making a deal where Axe gets a safe haven in Switzerland while Mike Prince gets everything that is Axe’s. His company, his money, his people such as Taylor and Wendy. Mike Prince also got Mike Wagner.

Mike Wagner, aka Wags, was the second-in-command of Bobby Axelrod. Although his role in the season finale isn’t the biggest since it’s mainly between Chuck, Axe, and Prince, Wagner sure knows how to get things done.

In fact, he’s one of those characters who might seem pretty harmless or a minor inconvenience, but that underestimation is what has given him the upper hand.

Will Wags Betray Mike Prince In Billions Season 6?
Mike Wagner | Source: IMDb

Now that he’s with Mike Prince, would his loyalty to Axe come in the way? Will Mike Wagner stay on Mike Prince’s side, or would he betray him?

Wags is likely to be on Mike Prince’s side for now. He has always chosen his safety, and he made it very clear to even Axe in the finale. However, based on how season 6 progresses and how nobody in the show is entirely trustworthy, Wags might betray Prince if it serves his purpose.

The writers not so subtly set up the rivalry between Chuck Rhoades and Mike Prince at Axe Capital in the finale. While Prince boasts about how he’s the guy sitting in Axe’s chair now, Wags tries to pull the chair for him before Scooter.

Will Wags Betray Mike Prince In Billions Season 6?
Mike Prince | Source: IMDb

I know it’s almost kiddush where we see two kids trying to grab something first, but it just shows how willing Wags is to be in the good books of the new man in control. It also shows how desperate he is to stay safe and secure because only Mike Prince can actually keep him safe from Chuck Rhoades.

However, this tiny gesture is not all. In Billions Season 6 trailer, we see Wags telling someone how he’s valuable and knows his way around things. We don’t know yet whom he’s telling that to, but there’s a possibility that it would be to Mike Prince and Scooter.

This could mean he wants a piece of the pie that Prince and Scooter have their hands in and is ready to show them why he deserves it and why they need him.

‘I Got Rid of Him’ Ep. 12 Official Clip | Billions

But Billions is a show where people can join you and leave at any time as long as their purpose and needs are served. So we still can’t negate the possibility of Wagner betraying Prince.

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Season 6 is premiering on 23 January 2022. So hold on to your horses because it’s going to look a lot like the wild wild west, but instead of cowboys and horses, we’re going to see men in suits.

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