Wolf Pack Actor Explains How Twist Ending Will Affect Season 2

Wolf Pack Actor Explains How Twist Ending Will Affect Season 2

Teen Wolf creator Jeff Davis is still hung up on werewolf stories, and his latest tale Wolf Pack, based on Edo van Belkom’s 2004 novel of the same name, proves that. The Paramount+ TV series wrapped up season 1 this Thursday with a surprising twist in the story, and we know you’re wondering what’s next.

Episode 5 revealed that Kristin Ramsey, the investigation officer assigned to find the culprit behind the fires that unleashed the monsters on California, was the one who had started the deadly fires. But the season 1 finale dropped the twist, explaining the good intentions behind her dangerous deeds, stating she was the mother of the wolves, Baron, Luna, and Harlan.

To quote Pietro Maximoff, “You didn’t see that coming?” Well, neither did I! But now Kristen actor Sarah Michelle Gellar explains to TV Line where her character’s motherly heart lies and how her two instincts will continue to fight in a potential season 2. You can read her full quote below:

Wolf Pack Actor Explains How Twist Ending Will Affect Season 2
Sarah Michelle Gellar as Kristin Ramsey | Source: IMDb

That’s an interesting question. She’s fiercely protective of her cubs, and I think she did what she thought was right at the time. Sometimes loving someone means making sacrifices to protect them, like finding her cubs a home where she knew they’d be safe. I don’t think she knew Baron was alive until much later, but we’ll hopefully learn more in Season 2.

Right, she’s caught between the two. And she’s losing some of those animal instincts as she becomes more human. That’s actually happening to many animals in the wild right now — as they’re becoming more and more extinct, they’re losing their inner predator. There are definite changes in the animal kingdom based on what’s happening in the environment.

Gellar’s ideas on how the show could deal with Kristin’s changing attitude and explaining if her character is essentially good or evil are spot on, and I, for one, would love to see that in season 2.

While the actress wasn’t sure if Paramount+ would renew the show for a second season, she was hopeful and even stated the writers are already working on a script.

I think she does bad things, but they’re for a good reason — at least in her mind. Is she evil, or is she just an apex predator? We’ll have to wait and find out. We have a writers’ room open, and we’re preparing, but everything is in flux right now with the strike. I think that’s the biggest issue. But the numbers, the fans — everybody wants Season 2.

Wolf Pack Actor Explains How Twist Ending Will Affect Season 2
Wolf Pack

Season 2 has a tall order to explain Kristin’s soul, her relationship with Baron, and Garrett’s decision. Do you think we’ll get a season 2 of Wolf pack? Let us know in the comments below!

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About Wolf Pack

Wolf Pack is an American supernatural teen drama television series created by Jeff Davis for Paramount+, based on the 2004 book of the same name written by Edo van Belkom. The series premiered on Paramount+ on January 26, 2023.

A teenage boy and girl get their lives changed forever when a California wildfire awakens a terrifying supernatural creature. As the full moon rises, all teens unite to unravel the secret that connects them.

The series stars Sarah Michelle Gellar, Rodrigo Santoro, Armani Jackson, Bella Shepard, Chloe Rose Robertson, Tyler Lawrence Gray, Chase Liefeld, and more. 

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