‘Women of the Night’ Review—Should You Watch It?

‘Women of the Night’ Review—Should You Watch It?

Netflix has been busy buying dramas and miniseries from different parts of the world. Their aim is to not only expand their library of content but also to hook viewers from different parts of the world.

These shows also give the people a glimpse into different cultures and acting talent from different parts of the world.

One such show, Women of the Night, was produced in the Netherlands, under the original name Keizersvrouwen. The 10-part miniseries has now made its way to Netflix. Created by Ian Ginn and Maarten Almekinders, it’s a heady mix of sex, violence, and crime set in the city of Amsterdam.

1. Quick Review

Women Of The Night

Air Date: November 10, 2019 Status: Finished Studio: Netflix No. of Seasons: 1 No. of Episodes: 10
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Legal prostitution in Amsterdam is a part of their cultural identity and draws enormous crowds of tourists.

Highlighting the rampant and centuries-old prostitution rings and escort trade widespread in Amsterdam, Women of the Night shows what happens when escorts and mob bosses cross paths.

A drama with a strong female lead featuring loads of action and plentiful skin, Women of the Night doesn’t make you work very hard. It’s an average melodramatic crime series that immerses you into the Dutch underworld from the safety of your couch.

2. Is It worth Watching?

Women of the Night is no masterpiece. Indeed, it is a melodramatic and exaggerated take on a mob drama. Still, it gives you an honest insight into the sex industry.

Women of the Night | Trailer

The struggle that the protagonist faces as she tries to keep her work secret and deal with the drama at home is gripping.

I. Plot

The show focuses on a mother trying to leave her old life behind and live peacefully with her family. But unable to resist the mystery and the risk of her old life, she is sucked back in and struggles to manage her mingling personal and professional lives.

Xandra Keizer lives a safe, domestic life with her husband and her teenage daughter. The opening moments of the show tell us that there are some conflict and tension in the married couple.

We see moments from a recent party celebrating Xandra’s husband, Michiel’s promotion to a PR manager. One of his colleagues recognizes Xandra as an escort whose services he used in the past.

Xandra, who kept her past hidden from her family, tries to reconcile with her family. One day, she meets an old friend who tells her that she is making a fortune arranging party girls for powerful men.

Eager to dip her toes back in the business, Xandra uses her past experiences and contacts to become a manager and provider of women.

II. Cast and Performances

women of the night netflix review
‘Women of the Night’ Poster | Source: Netflix

Karina Smulders plays the leading lady Xandra Keizer, a confident, powerful woman who has complete control over her empire of girls. She is not afraid to go toe-to-toe with some of the most powerful and dangerous men of her clientele to get what she wants.

Having worked as an escort, she is protective of her girls and their needs. She is entirely in her element while dealing with the harsh professional aspects of her life. But she cannot exert the same control on her adolescent daughter Lulu, who often leaves her exasperated.

This gives the viewers a chance to see an exciting dynamic and conflict in her life. Susan Radder plays her moody daughter Leslie who is always at war with her mom. Preferring the name Lulu and craving independence, she becomes entangled in her mother’s business.

Xandra has to ensure that her family doesn’t become collateral damage due to her professional endeavors.

The supporting cast of prostitutes, gangsters, and family members dish out average performances in stereotypical roles.

3. Final Thoughts

Women Of The Night

Story: B

Cinematography/Animation: B

Acting: B

Music: B+

Direction: B+

Women of the Night is a mediocre offering, one that can be enjoyed while it’s playing in the background. It offers a unique perspective into the lives of sex workers, which is commendable.

The characters are not unique, and the writing makes for some predictable twists. The presence of a strong female lead might be one of the reasons you choose to watch the show.

If you’re looking to explore a new landscape, the Dutch actors and the Amsterdam production do a well-enough job to give you a taste of the city.