Wonder Woman Faces the Undoing in ‘Future State: Immortal Wonder Woman #2’

Wonder Woman Faces the Undoing in ‘Future State: Immortal Wonder Woman #2’

Wonder Woman is facing a bleak and rather hopeless time on Earth in Future State: Immortal Wonder Woman #2. The Amazonian demi-goddess has lost all that made her a superhero—her hope, belief, and optimism, her league of followers, and her teammates. Utterly dejected, she is looking for any signs of life to keep fighting like she promised an old friend.

Issue one of Future State introduced the readers to an Earth where most of the superheroes had died, including Bruce Wayne/Batman. When Diana goes to the Batcave to find out what happened to Bruce, she meets his ghost who tells her to fight for humanity, or whatever is left of it. Darkseid comes to take advantage of Earth’s weakened situation and Clarke Kent/Superman helps Diana fight him.

Becky Cloonan, One of the Writers, Shares the Cover Page of #2.

However, in the second issue, even Clarke is not by her side. With no one left to fight for, Diana admits that she has not felt like a hero for ages. Moreover, The Undoing, a malevolent force, has erased her memories of all of her friends and allies. The Undoing has made her more alone and she states that she does not know how to defeat it. She has kept Bruce’s belt and Clarke’s cape after their deaths to remember them and keep herself hopeful.

In the preview pages, Diana is still looking for a ray of hopefor someone. But it is not clear who this person is.

Whoever it is, hopefully, the situation on Earth will improve and not become more hopeless!

Are you reading Future State? Who do you think will help Wonder Woman in the second issue?

About Future State: Immortal Wonder Woman

Future State is a two-month extravaganza from DC Comics, which will explore the destinies of some of the most famous DC heroes in a mind-bending and hopeless future.

Future State opens in a world where Batman and other heroes are dead or are gone. A mysterious and malevolent force called The Undoing is erasing the existence of everyone. The duty to fight for what’s left of humanity falls on Wonder Woman.