Yellowjackets Explains Jackie’s Fate but Leaves More Questions for S2

Yellowjackets Explains Jackie’s Fate but Leaves More Questions for S2

Yellowjackets Season 1 is finally over. Now that the thrilling Showtime series has answered almost all the questions we had, it leaves more in its wake as the creators prepare the backbone for future seasons.

With tense mysteries, deaths, traumas of the past, cults, and possible cannibalism, nothing less was expected from the season finale.

The series, from the get-go, is comprised of events from the past accompanied by unreliable narration while also pulling us back to the present to establish what each character’s fate was leading up to.

Yellowjackets Explains Jackie’s Fate but Leaves More Questions for S2
Yellowjackets | Source: IMDb

There we so many questions to be answered. How many girls from the soccer team’s crash survived? What happened to the ones who kicked the bucket? What kind of Hannibal Lecter sh*t were they into? Is there something supernatural about this situation? The list goes on and we lost track.

However, here are all the answers we got in the finale, an account of how things went down and how it could pick up in the next season.

SPOILERS AHEAD! This page contains spoilers from Yellowjackets.

Named Sic Transit Gloria Mundi, the finale title translates to a Latin expression meaning, “Thus passes the glory of the world,” which basically can be interpreted as a farewell to life.

The character who has been the center of fan theories many times and finally reached her conclusion was the Yellowjackets team captain, Jackie. She met a cruel end, dying of hypothermia just a few steps away from the cabin.

The previous events had us believing many things about her death, including speculations of her being the character who died in the pit of spikes (and eaten), or her being the mother of Travis’ baby, or whether she would show up at the reunion.

The finale even deceives the viewers by showing her teammates plotting to drug and kill her, but it turns out to be just something Shauna dreams of after their fight. And although Jackie might not have a part in the future seasons, it explains a lot of Shauna’s emotions.

As we pick on who survived bit by bit and know Misty, Natalie, Shauna, and Taissa are alive for sure, there are still plenty of mysteries. Lottie Matthews, the Antler Queen, shows up, still very much alive! Apparently, she was the one who emptied Travis’ bank accounts after his death, and so she must surely be the one who killed him.

Yellowjackets Explains Jackie’s Fate but Leaves More Questions for S2
Yellowjackets | Source: IMDb

From what we know, Lottie was rich, so if she did kill him, money could not be a motive. Speaking of Travis, his brother Javi is nowhere to be seen as he disappears after the Doomcoming party. So, did Javi meet the same fate as Jackie? There is no way he would survive the cold outside.

Some theories suggest that he might be Adam or the grown-up baby, but it’s better to leave this one till season 2 comes out.

Natalie’s kidnapping again makes you wonder if there are more cult fanatics, fans, or hippies who believe in the supernatural. Their necklaces with the symbol from the woods are surely not a good sign, especially not for Natalie, who was contemplating suicide just moments ago.

Series co-creator Ashley Lyle and Bart Nickerson talked to TV Line and revealed that the people who kidnapped Nat were “all new characters.” Still, it might be Lottie’s doing as we see she has been working hard to inspire the cult-like following in several members of Yellowjackets as well. Misty has no problem joining her as she also tampers with those cigarettes that may-or-may-not have killed Jessica.

Let’s talk about Taissa, the truly “evil” person, because honestly, who kills a damn dog? She wins the state senate race. However, her wife, Simone, finds a shrine to the wilderness gods in the basement. But Sammy’s doll is there too, maybe it’s to confuse the viewers, but my money is on Taissa.

Most importantly, is it something supernatural or were those some really magical mushrooms? As it has been evident that the hallucinations induced by the mushrooms have most certainly been intense, there are different instances where we see various characters straight-up sacrifice bears and wolves to please the gods in some sick ritual.

Lastly, we still don’t know who was eaten in the first scene. Fan theories of it being Jackie aren’t feasible anymore. As the creators of the series have the story arc planned well until 5 seasons, it’s always a good sign to assume that every plot point will reach its conclusion.

Yellowjackets season 1 is now available to stream on Showtime.

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