Andor Ep 6: The Rebels Pull off a Successful Heist, Only to Lose the Crew

Andor Ep 6: The Rebels Pull off a Successful Heist, Only to Lose the Crew

After building Cassian’s first rebel heist for so long, we finally have it in motion in the sixth episode of the show. The plan is to get to the Imperial Base and rob the credits vault.

The careful planning ensures that the soldiers are otherwise occupied with the pilgrimage of the Dhani people who have come to see The Eye of Aldhani. So, how did the rebel crew fare? Was their mission a success?

In Andor Episode 6, the rebel crew successfully pull off their heist of raiding Aldhani’s Imperial base and stealing its valuable credits. However, they lose Taramyn, Nemik, and Skeen in the process.

“You win some, you lose some,” would be the best way to summarize this episode. Still, since the heist takes up the majority of the episode, let’s look at the ending in more detail.

In contrast to the lovely meteor shower being displayed in the skies, the rebel crew’s heist was tense enough to be cut by a knife. The good part is that the soldiers were nowhere close to being prepared for such a raid since they had their eyes on the Dhani people.

The mission mostly goes smoothly, even with having to blackmail the episode’s antagonist, Commandant Jayhold. When the crew ultimately get the cartons full of credits, however, there’s a gunfight where Taramyn ends up dying.

Andor Ep 6: The Rebels Pull Off a Successful Heist Only to Lose its Crew
Cassian Andor | Source: Twitter

We start losing members quickly after this. In order to supervise the prisoners, Cinta is left behind on the planet. I hope this is a loose end we will deal with in the next episode, especially since she was played off as an important character.

Then, in their hurry to get on the ship, Nemik is fatally hit by a moving credits carton. They fly off to their trusted doctor, but sadly, Nemik is lost.

During the hubbub, Skeen pulls Cassian aside and bribes him with the offer of taking all the credits and running away with him. The disgust on Cassian’s face makes it evident what his answer is, but nothing can prepare you for the fact that he resorts to straight-up killing Skeen for the digression.

Andor Ep 6: The Rebels Pull Off a Successful Heist Only to Lose its Crew
Vel Sartha in Andor | Source: IMDb

This exchange fires Cassian up and he barges into the doctor’s room, informing Vel of the betrayal that just happened. Although she doesn’t believe him, Cassian rightfully asking for his share of the credits as payment for the heist almost comes out as a threat.

The last few moments of the show depict how the news of the heist has pierced the halls of the Empire, in particular, during a bill reading by Mon Mothma. We end with Luthen deliberating his next move. 

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