Peacock’s Bel-Air Trailer Shows A Menacing Backstory of Will

Peacock’s Bel-Air Trailer Shows A Menacing Backstory of Will

Peacock dropped a lengthy, dramatic trailer for Bel-Air, a re-imagining of the classic comical sitcom The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air today.

The three-minute-long trailer shows the series flipping the tables with its new story-telling while keeping the essential characters and personalities intact. At least a bit.

The Bel-Air trailer, excluding the names and the extravagant Californian lifestyle, is nothing like the sitcom at all – which is precisely why it rides on high expectations and is keeping people on their toes.

The new Will Smith (Jabari Banks) is just an ordinary, fun-loving West Philly guy who ends up making an unfortunate impulsive decision during an altercation.

Peacock’s Bel-Air Trailer Shows A Menacing Backstory of Will
Olly and Jabari | Source: IMDb

The decision ends him in jail and a rogue person betting on revenge, leading his mom to send him to powerful Uncle Phil (Adrian Holmes) and Aunt Viv’s (Cassandra Freeman) Bel-Air mansion for a second chance at life.

Bel-Air also sees a cooler, smarter, and scarier Carlton (Olly Sholotan). What Carlton loses in height to Will, he makes up for in his big-boss personality. Sisters Hilary (Coco Jones) and Ashley (Akira Akbar) seem like the same supportive cousins, for now at least.

Will’s second chance at getting his life back on track goes through a path of struggles – both in family and outside. Check out the trailer below:

The grittier tone of Bel-Air comes from the 2019 fan-made film written and directed by Morgan Cooper. Cooper is also an executive producer on Bel-Air, along with Will Smith.

The film went viral as it had layers of social stigma, stereotypes, and an overall darker, more realistic approach to the 90s sitcom everyone was used to only laugh at.

From his comfortable streets in Philadelphia to a more biased and unknown lifestyle in California, the new Will has a long, arduous second chance at making his life right.

Bel-Air season 1 will premiere three episodes together on February 13, 2022, on Peacock. The remaining episodes will be released weekly.

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About Bel-Air

Bel-Air is an upcoming 2022 Peacock drama set as a reboot of the 90s sitcom Fresh Prince of Bel-Air starring Will Smith. It was inspired by a 2019 fan-made viral trailer titled “Bel-Air” by director/writer Morgan Cooper.

With a reboot in the works, Cooper is now returning to direct and produce the new show alongside Smith. Newcomer Jabari Banks has been cast as Will.

The reboot will explore Bel-Air in a new socio-political light, making it apt for the newer generation. It is scheduled for 2022 and has an order of two seasons.

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