From Vigilante to Mayor, Oliver Queen’s Arrow Does it All!

From Vigilante to Mayor, Oliver Queen’s Arrow Does it All!

Oliver’s Green Arrow will go to any lengths to protect his Star City and we’ve seen evidence of the same in the show as well. But if you haven’t read the comics, what may take you by surprise is that in order to protect his city, Oliver also has a major arc involving a mayoral campaign. 

I’m sure the once playboy millionaire couldn’t have imagined himself as a vigilante, let alone a mayor. So does the same happen on screen — does Oliver really become Star City’s mayor in Arrow? More importantly, how and why? 

In Arrow Season 4, Oliver runs for Star City’s mayor against Ruve Adams, who is Damien Darkh’s wife. After uncovering Darkh and Adams’ sinister plan of nuking Star City, Oliver defeats them, wins the campaign and becomes Star City’s mayor in the S4 finale. 

It all begins in season 4, when the criminal organization, HIVE, attacks Star City. Although Oliver and the Team Flash avert the bomb attack, they discover that the mayoral candidate, Jessica Danforth, was threatened. 

After she goes into hiding, fearing for her life, Oliver decides that the only way to deal with this problem is by running for mayor himself. 

Thus begins a season-long chase of uncovering what exactly is HIVE’s plan, who they’re targeting, and moreover, who’s controlling them. Oliver goes head-to-head against his mayoral rival, Ruve Adams, facing many life-threatening difficulties on the way. 

From Vigilante to Mayor, Oliver Queen’s Arrow Does it All!
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He then finds out that she’s in fact Damien Darkh’s wife! From there, it doesn’t take long to realize that Darkh and his wife are working to corruptly win the election and ultimately wanted to nuke Star City. Darkh even resorts to openly blackmailing Oliver, threatening to kill his loved ones and the Star City residents if he doesn’t drop out of the race.

The final showdown comes through after Oliver disables Darkh’s nuke with Curtis’ help. He calms down an angry mob of citizens and then publicly fights Darkh, delivering high-intensity punches through his newly-acquried light magic.

It is truly glorious to see how the civilians too rally to help Oliver and fight against Darkh’s ghouls. In the end, Oliver is able to defeat Darkh by stabbing him.

After it is a bittersweet victory (especially because the build-up also resulted in Laurel’s death), Oliver is informed the next day that he has been voted as Star City’s mayor. He stays on as the mayor till season 6.  

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