Heels Episode 7: Release Date And Speculation

Heels Episode 7: Release Date And Speculation

The first order of business is to deliver some bad news: Starz will not be airing any new episodes this week. What’s the rationale behind this? Given the limited number of episodes left this season, that isn’t entirely clear.

So, what can we expect from the next new episode? Stephen Amell’s character, Jack Spade, needs to show some personal development. We know he cares about the DWL, but can he show more concern for his family as well?

Staci challenged him to listen to her more and care about this family at the end of this week’s episode, and he agreed. He needs to do more than plan a big show for the State Fair.

Heels Episode 7 Speculations

Jack is doing everything he can to keep his professional and personal lives separate as the South Georgia State Fair approaches. Staci is becoming increasingly suspicious that Jack was more involved in Ace’s unexpected Heel-turn.

Thomas is misbehaving at school, the DWL is forced to audition more wrestlers, and Jack is preoccupied with preventing Charlie Gully from stealing his best talent, including Ace.

In small-town Georgia, two rival brothers, one a ring heel and the other a hero, fight over their late father’s wrestling promotion business while vying for national attention.

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Heels Episode 7 Release Date

Episode 7 of ‘Heels’ will air on Starz on October 3, 2021, at 9 p.m. ET. The current season consists of eight episodes, each of which airs on Sundays at 8 p.m.

I. Is Heels on Break This Week?

Yes, it is on break. It will release on October 3, 2021. There is no delay announced yet.

Heels Episode 6 Recap

Heels Episode 7: Release Date and Speculation
Jack Spade | Source: IMDb

It’s the day of Big Jim’s baby’s baptism, which marks the start of a new era for everyone in Duffy; Jack is busy preparing for and promoting the upcoming match.

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About Heels

Heels is an American drama television series created by Michael Waldron that premiered on August 15, 2021, on Starz.

Two brothers and rivals, one a villain, or “heel” in professional wrestling, the other a hero, or “face” play out scripted matches as they war over their late father’s wrestling promotion and vie for national attention in small town Georgia.