How Stargirl Fits Into DC’s Arrowverse? Stargirl Crossover Explained.

How Stargirl Fits Into DC’s Arrowverse? Stargirl Crossover Explained.

The world of movies and TV shows based on classic DC heroes reaches far and wide, and there’s always something for everyone in the pantheon. There’s Batwoman, The Flash, and of course the fan favorite “Stargirl”. “Stargirl” takes the gritty, sometimes violent DC drama in a family-friendly direction.

10 years after the fall of the Justice Society of America, high school student Courtney Whitmore (Brec Bassinger) comes upon the Cosmic Staff. It previously belonged to a hero named Starman. 

She and her new friends in the city of Blue Valley then band together to reform their own Justice Society and take on the dastardly villains of the Injustice of South America. 

The question that confused the fans during the three seasons is the linking of Stargirl with the Arrowverse. Let us dive into this.

Is “Stargirl” a part of the Arrowverse?

Yes, “Stargirl” is indeed a part of the Arrowverse. While the Arrowverse typically collects certain DC shows as part of the shared canon, there’s plenty of wiggle room to include other shows as well.

Courtney Whitmore and the Justice Society are not technically part of the Arrowverse. They do not share the same physical universe with other characters like Ryan Wilder or Barry Allen. 

However, Stargirl does take place in Earth-2, an alternate reality created from the events of the Arrowverse crossover, Crisis on Infinite Earths. The crossover revealed that Oliver Queen had rebooted the Multiverse. 

The heroes of Earth-Prime believe there is only one universe now. But, a montage of alternative universes is shown that includes several other DC shows outside the CW. The first non-CW series to get its Earth is Stargirl as Oliver not only put them on Earth-2 but gave them a re-imagined version of it.

Before the crossover, Earth-2 was known as the home of The Flash characters like Harry Wells, Jesse Quick, and Arrow’s Black Siren. Oliver’s visit to Earth-2 during Arrow’s Season 8 premiere triggered the Anti-Monitor and caused that world to get destroyed earlier. 

But thanks to Oliver’s final act as the Spectre, Earth-2 was revived and rebooted to act as the home of the “Stargirl” TV show. During their cameo, Courtney is seen fully suited up with Pat’s S.T.R.I.P.E as well as Rick, Beth, and Yolanda as the new Hourman, Dr. Mid-Nite, and Wildcat. 

The crossover officially established “Stargirl” as being part of the Arrowverse, which can lead to future crossovers down the line. Given what has been so far, Stargirl’s Earth-2 doesn’t seem to have any traces of the original Earth-2. 

The potential for Arrowverse crossovers began to take shape in the show’s second season. In Season 2 Episode 9, “Summer School: Chapter Nine,” actor John Wesley Shipp reprised his role as old-timey speedster Jay Garrick in The Flash.

How Stargirl Fits Into DC’s Arrowverse? Stargirl Crossover Explained.

Stargirl’s Cancellation and the Terrible Arrowverse Trend.

Stargirl’s recent cancellation has continued the downward trajectory of the Arrowverse. Arrowverse now appears to be in its final phase after being one of the most successful superhero TV universes at its peak.

Its path toward completion began in 2020 when Arrow finished after eight seasons. At the time, the show’s end appeared to be a natural conclusion and not a negative sign for the rest of the Arrowverse. 

There was a change in the perspective when Supergirl came to a close with its sixth season. That was subsequently followed by the cancelations of Legends of Tomorrow and Batwoman in 2022. 

Now, Supergirl has joined the CW’s DC cancellations, as it was announced the third season was the final one. With that, only Superman & Lois and Gotham Knights remain.

How Stargirl Fits Into DC’s Arrowverse? Stargirl Crossover Explained.
Brec Bassinger in “Stargirl” (2020)

The DC Multiverse has always been pretty unified

The potential for a crossover for any form of on-screen DC media is practically limitless. Within the expansive DC Multiverse, every show and movie and even obscure animated web series run parallel to each other. 

The franchise’s penchant for breaking into alternate realities paves the way for any universe to cross with another one. The Arrowverse shows have made on-screen references not just to “Stargirl”, but to shows like Titans on HBO Max as well.

Even movies have the potential to meet the Arrowverse. Ezra Miller, who portrays the film version of The Flash in the DC Extended Universe, made a brief cameo in Crisis on Infinite Earths. 

Actor Brandon Routh, who plays Ray Palmer in Legends of Tomorrow, even reprised his role as the Last Son of Krypton from 2006’s Superman Returns in the same event. If you exist in a DC form of media, you should never say never when it comes to a crossover.

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About Stargirl

DC’s Stargirl is an American superhero television series created by Geoff Johns. It stars an ensemble of Brec Bassinger, Yvette Monreal, Anjelike Washington, Cameron Gellman, Trae Romano, Jake Austin Walker and Luke Wilson, among others.

Courtney Whitmore is smart, athletic high school teenager who stumbles upon The Cosmic Staff, passed down by Starman, and becomes Stargirl. Courtney aka Stargirl becomes the leader of new young superheroes and thus starts the teenagers’ adventures as new-age Justice Society of America.