Zero Contact Sequel Reportedly Makes History by Filming in Antarctica

Zero Contact Sequel Reportedly Makes History by Filming in Antarctica

Anthony Hopkins’ Zero Contact has yet again managed to out-do and bring forth a never-done-before scenario in movie-making history.

In an exclusive report by Deadline, Zero Contact producers take pride in having the sequels filmed in Antarctica, a first in the history of scripted movies.

Zero Contact Sequel Reportedly Makes History by Filming in Antarctica
Zero Contact | Source: IMDb

With meticulous planning and proper guidance, the cast and crew, totaling 15 people and excluding 84-year-old Hopkins, filmed Zero Contact sequels in Antarctica for six days.

The movie had previously produced a novel solution to making movies in the pandemic, which was shot entirely on video calling platforms. Going a notch higher is now them actually putting their foot down in a continent that hardly anyone ever gets the right to.

The producer and director, Rick Dugdale, recalled the experience as surreal with eliciting “unexpected emotion.”

Dugdale shared that the group had to wear multiple layered clothing continuously and were advised (read: warned) not to take off their goggles for long, as it could lead to snow blindness.

The director also shared that they were guided about the intricacies by polar expedition expert Sebastian Copeland, and author and speaker David Childress. He featured in Ancient Aliens, a History documentary.

Dugdale even mentioned the extreme lengths the cast and crew went through as everyone had to carry pee bottles. He added that he didn’t see his belly button or feet for six days!

Meanwhile, after the historic filming, Zero Contact sequels production will continue in 13 more countries – Peru, Malaysia, Egypt, Turkey, Bolivia, and others.

Is Zero Contact 2 the First Movie Filmed in Antarctica?
Zero Contact | Source: IMDb

From the very beginning, Zero Contact went a wholly new way in its style of creation and distribution, giving the movie industry a remarkably unique solution. The movie was released through NFT (Non-Fungible Token) platform, Vuele.

With the non-NFT distribution rights now bought by Lionsgate’s Grindstone Entertainment, Zero Contact will be released in selective theaters in May 2022.

About Zero Contact

Zero Contact is a 2021 American thriller movie directed and produced by Rick Dugdale. The movie stars multi-award-winning actor Anthony Hopkins, along with Chris Brochu, Veronica Ferres, Aleks Paunovic, Lilly Krug, TJ Kayama and Martin Sternmark. 

The movie made history by being the first feature film to be released via a non-fungible token platform, Vuele. Its sequel is also the first movie in the history to be filmed in Antarctica. 

Zero Contact is about a tech giant, Finley Hart, who communicates with five strangers worldwide guiding them to stop a catastrophic technology that can potentially wipe of all life on Earth. 

The movie was originally released through NFT in September 24, 2021. It will be released later in theaters in May 2022. Two sequels of the movie are currently in production too. 

News Source: Deadline