Loki Director Explains Miss Minutes’ Sinister Look And E6 Jump Scare

Loki Director Explains Miss Minutes’ Sinister Look And E6 Jump Scare

Disney+ series Loki exploded into the multiverse, opening up new storylines and setting up the future of MCU. Season one ended last week with its Episode 6, ‘For All Time. Always.’

There was one scene in particular that might’ve scared the hell out of you, especially if you were wearing earphones.

The scene in question is the Miss Minutes jump scare at the beginning. Loki and Sylvie enchant Alioth and enter the Citadel at the End of Time only to be startled by Miss Minutes, who has a sinister look in her eyes.

Even though fan theories about Miss Minutes being the mastermind behind it all turned out to be false, they were somewhat close. The cartoon mascot basically kept an eye on the TVA for He Who Remains.

Director Kate Herron spoke with Esquire about the jump scare and what made the cheerful character creepy in that moment,

I love horror, and my executive, Kevin Wright, knew that. Me and him were talking about Episode Six, and I remember that he was like, ‘Oh, maybe you could do something creepy of Miss Minutes.’ And I immediately was like, ‘We have to do a jump scare!’
Because I haven’t got to do a good jump scare in anything yet and I really wanted to, because a lot of my friends are horror directors. I was like, ‘I can’t let them down.’ So I was really excited to have a shot at doing a jump scare.

Kate Herron
Loki Director Explains Miss Minutes’ Sinister Look & E6 Jump Scare
Loki | Source: IMDb

Herron also explained that when they were testing for who’d fit better for the jump scare, the editors and everyone else included thought that Miss Minutes was the perfect choice.

Herron also talked to CinemaBlend about Miss Minutes’ authority over the TVA and her relationship dynamics with He Who Remains. Her character starts off as a friendly guide who gives out necessary information at the TVA.

She’s almost like the devil on their shoulder being like, ‘You can have exactly what you want.’ It’s like, oh, no, she’s actually quite powerful and knows more than anyone at the TVA. So, yeah, I think that was kind of fun, really, and that moment was really meant to be a temptation and kind of show, you know, will Loki or Sylvie go for this?

Kate Herron

I, for one, knew that Miss Minutes couldn’t be trusted from the beginning. I mean, come on, even if it’s a cartoon character, no one is THAT cheerful to work at an institution like the TVA.

Loki Director Explains Miss Minutes’ Sinister Look & E6 Jump Scare
Miss Minutes | Source: Marvel

As clever as the jump scare was, I was ‘Loki’ expecting it (sorry, I just had to do it).

All episodes of Loki Season 1, along with the rest of MCU projects, are available to stream on Disney+.

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