LOTR The Rings of Power: Everything We Know About the Black Hilt 

LOTR The Rings of Power: Everything We Know About the Black Hilt 

Theo has gotten his hands on a dangerous albeit interesting object—the Black Hilt that can conjure up a blade made of smoke and embers. While it was originally in the possession of Waldreg, a follower of Morgoth and Sauron, Theo steals it from him, not knowing its significance or power. 

So what exactly is this blade? What powers does it possess?  

There is not much known about the Black Hilt other than the fact that it could be Sauron’s blade that will be used to create Mordor. The fallen elf Adar who is now leading the Orcs is also on the lookout for this blade.  

Theo too soon realizes it’s a dangerous object when the blade seems to crave blood and corrupts him in its presence. The worst part is that both Waldreg and Theo have similar markings on their body, which leads Waldreg to believe that Theo too will one day serve his dark lord, Sauron.  

The Black Hilt May Transform Middle-Earth 

In Ep 5, Theo reveals the Black Hilt to Bronwyn and Arondir, at which point the latter confirms that it is a malicious object.  

They’re currently at the Tower of Ostirith, which was also built by the people who aided Morgoth during the First Age. Arondir then shows them that there is a similar hilt embedded in the tower’s wall. Unlike Theo’s hilt, this one seems to be inactive. 

Theo, currently in possession of the Black Hilt | Source: Twitter

Another comment that Arondir makes is that these blades used to be part of an ancient craft, suggesting that such blades could’ve been more common during the First Age. We also know that Adar too is on the hunt for Theo’s blade.  

Going from both Adar and Arondir’s cryptic descriptions about the Black Hilt’s power, it’s possible that Sauron needs this blade to transform Middle-Earth into Mordor. Sauron being able to create his realm of Mordor is what took him to his heights of villainy.  

Adar prophecies that “the sun will be gone” thanks to the blade, allowing the Orcs to roam around fearlessly, no matter what the time. That sure sounds like Mordor.  

Is the Black Hilt from Tolkien lore? 

The Black Hilt does not match any existing sword/blade in Tolkien lore, so it is possible that it’s an original element created for the show. Nonetheless, let’s explore some of the speculation around it.  

LOTR The Rings of Power: Everything We Know About the Black Hilt
The mysterious Black Hilt | Source: Twitter

The first one is that the Black Hilt could be Gurthang. Túrin Turambar reforged this sword from a sword called Anglachel. According to lore, the sword was sentient and could corrupt the minds of its wielder.  

The second sword that the Black Hilt can be is the Morgul blade, which was used by the Witch King, one of the nine Nazguls. The blade also has the ability to turn a person into Nazgul/wraith. Since we know that one of TROP’s upcoming storylines is how Sauron elects his nine Nazguls, it’s possible that Black Hilt has a role to play in it.  

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