Joe Goldberg’s “Mini-Me” in You S3 Coming this October

Joe Goldberg’s “Mini-Me” in You S3 Coming this October

Only Netflix’s You can make baking and cakes super creepy. Don’t believe us? Get back after watching Season 3’s teaser trailer, announcing the show’s comeback on October 15.

YOU | Season 3 Announcement Date

The October return is not the only announcement made in the trailer.

The trailer features a baking tutorial like none other, with Joe Goldberg announcing the imminent arrival of his and Love’s baby boy. Penn Badgley’s soothing voiceover as Joe almost makes us forget about his obsessive, psychotic tendencies.

But he soon reminds us the prospect of a “mini-me” is not exactly exciting.

With an icing made of blood-red (which we can only hope is food coloring), we are introduced to Season 3’s new character, baby Henry. As the video description reads, “And a baby makes 3. You Season 3.”

Joe Goldberg’s “Mini-Me” In You S3 Coming This October
Joe Goldberg and Love Quinn | Source: IMDb

In Season 2, Joe relapses into his murderous ways after trying to escape from his past in New York. As expressed in the trailer, raising a baby boy is not going to be without challenges, especially as Joe worries that the boy will take after himself. He hopes that the boy will “do as I say, and not as I do.”

But in baby Henry’s case, it’s not just his father he needs to be wary of. Mom Love Quinn (Victoria Pedretti) is also prone to giving in to her anger and violence and resort to killing, which is what made her an empathetic mate to Joe.

In the season’s first looks, Joe and Love look like normal parents doting over their child and taking care of him, with one lone picture of them standing in their basement where they hide all their terrible misdeeds.

There’s no saying how this domestic life will turn out for the two. The mysterious woman/neighbor in the S2 finale makes me think that their secrets will come unraveling as they try, in vain, to maintain this ruse of normalcy.

Joe too seems to be quite intrigued by her presence and while neither the trailer nor the pictures reveal anything more about the neighbor, along with baby Henry, the new season may have a spotlight on her.

Some have speculated that the mysterious woman could be his mother which would prod further into the childhood conditions of what made Joe, Joe.

On the other hand, if this is yet another love interest… it may get a little repetitive, but would certainly rake up Love’s own body count or a potential showdown. 

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