Ted Lasso’s Rebecca and Sam Have the Best Break-Up

Ted Lasso’s Rebecca and Sam Have the Best Break-Up

It looks like a Rebecca-Sam endgame was not in the cards. The couple breaks up in Ted Lasso’s latest episode “No Weddings and a Funeral” (season 2 episode 10).

Rebecca and Sam’s relationship was made of rom-com magic, with the right amount of feel-good, emotion, and truth. While the previous episode gave us a seemingly happy ever after, what with the two rushing to confess their feelings to each other, the love spell was short-lived.

The episode opened with Sam and Rebecca in bed, spending a few adorable moments before Sam voices the question that’s been on all our minds: Will the relationship ever go public?

Rebecca disguises her “no” by alluding that a secret office romance is much more thrilling. What she doesn’t go into is why she doesn’t want the relationship to be out in the open.

Before any of us can prod into that question, Rebecca’s mum walks in on the couple with the news that the Welton patriarch has passed away.

Rebecca spends the better part of the episode dealing with her father’s death, with a few light-hearted moments of Keeley and Sassy teasing her about her happy involvement with Sam. Somewhere in between, however, Rebecca has made a decision about her relationship.

Ted Lasso Season 2 Episode 10 Rebecca & Sam Break Up
Sam Obisanya and Dani Rojas

After the funeral, Rebecca tells her friends that it is time to call it quits with Sam. This isn’t shocking, but it is quite unexpected since she made no indications of the same during the episode. Then again, her hesitation to take it public may have been weighing on her mind.

In a moment when Sam and Rebecca are finally alone (locked in a closet, for visuals), Sam brings it in with a hug that Rebecca so deservingly needs after the day she’s had.

But she gets to the point: Sam is kind, loving, and wise. He’s everything wonderful. And that scares her because it means that he has the potential to hurt her despite all the wondrous aspects of their relationship.

Sam acknowledges that Rebecca could hurt him as well, but unlike her, he doesn’t fear it — but he does accept the space she needs to deal with these anxieties.

And this marks the end of their relationship. Breakups are not supposed to be perfect or good even, but there is comfort in having your partner understand why you need to do it; Sam’s response is the best example of this. Rebecca’s own explanation of needing to “figure out why on my own” will be a fulfilling journey for us to explore as well. With Ted Lasso being renewed for Season 3, there are loads ahead to come!

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