What is glassing? Will Reach be glassed in the Halo finale? 

What is glassing? Will Reach be glassed in the Halo finale? 

Fans have been quite disappointed with the lack of action scenes in the Halo TV show and I have to agree—the little that we do get had so much potential to show off the cooler elements of the game but fell short.  

One such element is glassing, which Halo Ep 8 finally introduced into the show (again, a little too late, if I may add). Had we seen what the Covenant’s glassing meant, maybe we could have taken their threat a little more seriously.  

Glassing is the process in which The Covenant uses heavy plasma weaponry to completely destroy a planet. It is expected that Reach will get glassed in the Halo S1 finale. 

Even if belatedly, I am expecting a full-blown Covenant versus UNSC battle in Halo Ep 9. Will the Covenant resort to winning their fight by glassing? Let’s figure it out:   

Why do the Covenant glass planets? 

What is glassing? Will Reach be glassed in the Halo finale?
Covenant Glassing Planet

Like any other authoritative council, one of the Covenant’s goals is to indoctrinate smaller planets or weaker species into their community and make them follow their commands.  

However, not all willingly submit to the Covenant’s rule and certainly not an organization as big as the UNSC. That’s why the Covenant take a very harsh approach of immediately glassing a planet if they don’t detect any Halo artifacts on it.  

Their most famous method of plasma bombardment is to position their large warships close to each other, and then blanket the planet with a series of attacks to ensure that every inch of it is destroyed. You can’t say the Covenant is not detail-oriented! 

Now onto the more troubling question: Will the Covenant glass Reach?  

In the Halo lore, towards the end of their long-drawn war, the Covenant do end up discovering Reach’s location due to an artifact activating. It doesn’t happen in the exact same way as in the show, that is with Makee activating the artifact, but it is close enough.  

We’ve already seen that once the artifact is activated, it can send signals that the Covenant can detect. So it’s safe to assume that Makee’s shuffle to touch the artifact will end up bringing the Covenant to Reach’s doorstep.  

What is glassing? Will Reach be glassed in the Halo finale?
Makee | Source: IMDb

The Covenant’s ultimate goal is to retrieve the Halo artifact and Makee. They’ve shown no qualms about destroying planets for lesser in the past, so there’s a high chance that Reach will end up getting glassed. What’s left is to see if it will happen in the Halo S1 finale or later.  

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