Will Fallon and Liam Separate in Dynasty?

Will Fallon and Liam Separate in Dynasty?

Dynasty season 4 finale ended with so many cliffhangers. Roberto intended to kill Blake or Cristal, Jeff tried to kill Dominique’s boyfriend, but Fallon and Liam’s relationship was perhaps the most critical of them all.

In the penultimate episode of Dynasty season 4, Liam comes to know how Fallon cheated on him with Colin. All thanks to Eva. Needless to say, Liam calls it quits, and it seems like this time it is for good.

Though, once Fallon and Liam find out about Eva’s obsession with Liam and how she is partly responsible for the rift between them, Liam does have some sort of empathy. But he hasn’t forgiven Fallon yet. So, will the fan-favorite couple get back together in Dynasty season 5?

Liam and Fallon will likely get back together in Dynasty season 5. It was hinted at in the finale when Liam confessed to Eva that he still loves Fallon. He also tells Fallon that they have a lot of things to figure out, and he’s willing to try.

So, here’s a quick brush-up of events and how they seem to point towards Fallon and Liam getting back together.

Liam leaves Fallon; Eva becomes unstable

Clearly, Fallon f***ed up when she slept with Colin, and nothing really absolves her of that. When Fallon finds Liam’s book and the pictures of Eva with him, she realizes this fact and tries to convince Liam of it.

Though Liam doesn’t believe her and even calls for a divorce lawyer, he soon realizes that Eva was indeed partly responsible when she tries to kiss him and tells him how much she loves him. Liam, of course, declines and sees Eva for who she really is.

In the climax, we see Liam attend the gala and stand beside Fallon, admitting that she was right all along, and though he’s not forgiven her, he is ready to work this through. And you know what, it’s much more than that. There were multiple hints that made me believe that it’s not over for them.

Will Fallon and Liam separate in Dynasty?
Liam and Fallon | Source: IMDb

Here are four reasons why I think Liam and Fallon will be back in Dynasty season 5:

  1. Liam decided to attend the gala and support the family despite the rift between him and Fallon. This shows that he can still be civil with her.
  2. Him seeing Eva’s true colors. This made Liam empathize with Fallon to a certain extent but not entirely.
  3. Liam admitting to Eva that he still is very much in love with Fallon. It can’t be more evident than this. Despite everything, Liam still wants Fallon.
  4. When Fallon says at least Liam is willing to try, he concurs, which means they’re definitely giving their relationship another shot.

But beyond all this, there’s one more incident that might add to this. In the climax, Eva shoots Fallon in the abdomen, and though it doesn’t look fatal, she might take time to recover from this.

This move by Eva might push Liam closer to Fallon, and the two will have a better chance at working things through and getting back together. In fact, this is a fan-favorite couple, and though they might go through some strain, it doesn’t look like they’re ending any time soon because that would leave the fans disappointed.

What worries me more, are the other character arcs. For instance, Roberto didn’t go through with pulling the trigger because Eva did it first. He just ran away from the place, just like most other people, after hearing the gunshot. I wonder what more trouble will he cause to the Carringtons in season 5.

Will Fallon and Liam separate in Dynasty?
Jeff and Dominique | Source: IMDb

Jeff might be mentally unstable at the moment, but he isn’t wrong about Dominique’s boyfriend. This can lead him to do something he shouldn’t.

Well, whatever the answers are, they shall only be revealed in the next season, which might only come out next year. So I guess it’s time to go through the pain of waiting. But there’s a solution to that too. Binge on other shows which give you closure and keep your minds off all the mess that’s happened in Dynasty.

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