Tehran: Will Tamar Rabinyan get caught?

Tehran: Will Tamar Rabinyan get caught?

Tehran S2 opens up with the happy proposition that Tamar could leave all her revolutionary missions behind and start a new life with Milad in Canada. Of course, in the world of Tehran, such goals are rarely easily achieved and happy endings, much less.

So after the death of Arezoo, Tamar is saddled with yet another Mossad mission that may put her behind bars, or worse yet, suffer the same fate as her aunt.

This leads us to question whether Tamar will succeed in her new mission or if she will get caught.

As of Tehran S2 Ep 3, Tamar has not gotten caught yet. She has even managed to rescue the Mossad pilot who was captured and being held in Iranian custody. It is unlikely that Tamar will get caught this season.

As the protagonist, Tamar may have the luxury of a plot blanket that saves her from being captured or getting killed. But that doesn’t mean that her close ones won’t end up getting hurt.

She hasn’t gotten caught yet, but Faraz is as always hot on her trail. While we wait for the next episodes to drop, here are some instances where she came really close to a deathly version of game over:

Tamar Gets Interrogated for Her Boss’ Death

In Tehran S1 Ep 2, as Tamar starts hacking into the system to neutralize the Iranian reactor, she is interrupted by an intruder who turns out to be Zhila’s (the woman whose identity she assumed) boss.

Will Tamar Rabinyan get caught in Tehran?
Tamar | Source: IMDb

The boss chases her, not because he suspects her of any wrongdoing but because he wants to have his way with her. Tamar’s no-nonsense attitude soon ends up being a death sentence for the boss—when she kicks him in retaliation, he falls to his death.

This incident leads to all the employees being investigated, where Tamar is taken into a special interrogation because Faraz is already suspicious of who she is. She just manages to escape, thanks to Masoud Tabrizi, also known as the Eagle.

Tamar Is Forced to Sell Drugs

After her cousin Raziyeh catches her at the protest and subsequently gets into her physical shuffle with her, Tamar knows her aunt’s house is no longer safe. The threat becomes even more real with Raziyeh selling her out to Faraz.

Will Tamar Rabinyan get caught in Tehran?
Tamar | Source: IMDb

Tamar flees to Milad, where she’s still waiting for her new passport. The thing is, Milad needs to sort out his own affairs before he can help Tamar. This all leads to them attending a rave with Milad’s drug dealer friends, where Tamar must prove her loyalty by dealing out the drugs successfully.

Although she ends up winning drug dealer Karim’s trust momentarily, it’s all in vain as a Mossad agent kills him for asking too many questions about Tamar.

Yael Betrays Tamar in S1 Finale

With the original mission plan in shambles, Tamar has to resort to a risky patch-up version of it that needs to be executed from within Abadil Air Base itself. While doing this, Tamar ensures having an escape route secured for Milad and getting Mohammed off their trail as she doesn’t trust him.

Will Tamar Rabinyan get caught in Tehran?
Yael | Source: IMDb

What she doesn’t expect is her fellow Mossad agent Yael double-crossing her and sabotaging the mission.

But things go Tamar’s way nonetheless when Faraz catches up with both of them and shoots at Yael first, unknowingly aiding Tamar. She uses this instance to hide away and waits to strike Faraz at the opportune moment.

Once she knocks Faraz down and holds a gun to his head, she informs the Mossad about Yael’s double-crossing, ordering them to turn back the plans and save the pilots. She even spares Faraz’s life, seemingly walking off into the sunset with Milad.

Clearly, Faraz is not all that grateful for this, as he continues to relentlessly chase Tamar in Tehran S2.

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